Crazy Busy

Baptism meme 1.jpg
I'm terribly sorry to disappoint, but no more responses from me on this topic. I just realized that I am running out of friends: first the baptists; second the twitteristas; third the republicationists; fourth the masturbationists; fifth the ubiquitarians; sixth the covenanters; seventh the peccabilists; eighth the closed communionists; ninth...well, you get the point.

Thankfully there are still 742 "friends" - though there are some spies, I've learned - on Facebook who have not bowed the knee to sensitivity. 

All of this is to say, I have two sermons to prepare for Sunday, a Liverpool Champions League game to watch, four children who want me to double-bounce them on the new trampoline, a bachelor (Belgium beer) party tonight, and other hugely important activities. "My life is good. Real good."

Therefore, Mr. Turk may continue his series, knowing that Dr. Jones (I've now listened to Aqua twice since Mr. Turk's posts) will be retreating from the fire. By the way, Mr. Turk, please call me Mark from now on. Unlike most Americans, us Canadians don't care for titles.

In the meantime, after all the fan-mail this week, I'm going to console myself with a little Taylor Swift. 

Rev. Dr. Pastor Mark Jones can't stop, won't stop polemicizing.