Concerns about the "Efficacy" of Works

Rick Phillips

I continue to hope that the recent debate/controversy over sanctification will lend clarity and light to readers.  For this to happen, we will have to labor hard for biblical depth and balance.  In my opinion, those who are opposing the biblical doctrine of sanctification are motivated mainly by a wounded terror regarding legalism.  As I have recently written, legalism is a constant and deadly error.  Yet we must not oppose one error by advancing another error, which I believe is happening in some quarters.  With this in mind, those of us wanting to avoid antinomianism must not only avoid genuine neonomianism but must be seen to do so.  We must argue for sanctification and good works in a way that safeguards the legitimate concerns of those who struggle against legalism.  In this cause, having criticized Tullian Tchividjian's teaching in downplaying good works and obedience, let me now express concerns about the way that good works are described as efficacious by Mark Jones in his article Good Works Necessary for Salvation?