Christmas on Video

Stephen Nichols
By now I'm sure you have all seen Tim Keller, both from the back and peering above the fold, on USA Today's Cover for Thursday, December 17, for the story on multiple site churches.  The article singles out Keller for so far resisting the urge to appear on video, instead scrambling about New York to be in the flesh to deliver his sermons at various sites. 

The article raises any number of questions.  To the credit of USA Today and Cathy Lynn Grossman, who has the byline, the article raises good questions as to the connection between pastor and parishioner.  I know there have been forums on this, Southern Seminary hosted one on November 3 in their chapel and there has been a great deal of blog chatter. 
I know this is complex, no easy answers, with good arguments to be made on both sides. There are pragmatic issues here, using means to get the gospel out to as many people as possible, larger networks allow for the churches to do more, video multiplies the God-given gifts to particularly gifted people, and more. 

There are also philosophical issues and here's one:  incarnational ministry. 

Is there something to being there in and as a person as opposed to being there on the screen?