Christians Should Be Like That

Rick Phillips
I just saw on the internet that Shawn Johnson, the American female gymnist, finally won her gold medal, on the balance beam.  For me, the highlight of the Olympics was not Michael Phelps, great as that was.  I thought the highlight was the beautiful graciousness of Shawn Johnson in her second place finish for the women's all-around.  She's only spent her whole life dreaming of winning that gold medal.  Then she comes in second to her roommate, Nastia Liukin.  During all of the interviews she conducted herself with cheerful dignity and grace.  In particular, she clearly recognized that it was Liukin's night to shine and did everything possible to make it a dream night for her friend.  She didn't talk about herself, she didn't talk about her disappointment, but only how proud she was of her deserving friend.  She might have echoed John the Baptist's words by saying, "Tonight I must decrease so that she may increase."  I don't know if she is a Christian or not, but she certainly has conducted herself in the way that Christians should.  And how nice that in the last event she wins her own gold medal.