Christian Satire at its best

Paul Levy
In the past I've been hard on Australians, minimalism and biblical theology gone totally mad but there are times when you have to take your hat off to them. This is one of those occasions and I want to give kudos to the St Helen's guys for managing to keep a straight face most of the way through this video. Phillip Jensen holds it together even after cracking one liners suggesting Calvinists are the modern day equivalent of Job's comforters, Calvinism naturally gives birth to Unitarianism and Quakerism and of course becoming a Calvinist leads you to an interest in education and not evangelism.  Though even he struggled to ask the 'Calvin versus Calvinism question' without giggling.

Amazing stuff - who said Aussies couldn't poke fun at themselves.
It is a masterful piece of satire and of course totally barmy but nobody would take this sort of thing seriously would they?