Christ as Atonement and Example, Part I

In his sermon "Servus Servorum" (or "Servant of Servants"), Charles Spurgeon speaks in favor of following Christ as our example, provided we first trust him as our Savior:

"Years ago, Christ was set forth almost exclusively as an example. 'Concerning the Imitation of Christ' was the great matter of public discourse, and many books were written upon that important theme; but, inasmuch as in those days they forgot and undervalued the sacrifice of Christ, and did not preach justification by faith in his precious blood, their preaching was but dim and inefficient, and Christ was not largely imitated after all, although men were bidden to imitate him. Now, we preach his sacrifice; in many of our places of worship the atonement of Christ is very clearly proclaimed, and the plan of salvation by virtue of his precious blood is very widely declared with more or less of clearness, for which I thank God. But we must take care that we do not forget that Christ is our example as well as our atonement,--and that, while by his death we live, the life which we live is to be conformed to the life of the Son of God, who loved us, and gave himself for us."