Carolina Day

Ligon Duncan
Quick check in from the sunny shores of South Carolina. Today, Derek and Carl, is what South Carolinians call "Carolina Day." It celebrates the Patriot army and naval victory over the British at the Battle of Sullivan's Island, just off the coast of Charleston, SC.

"Fought at the entrance to Charleston harbor on June 28, 1776, the Battle of Sullivan's Island was an important early victory for the Patriots in the American Revolution. A sizeable British fleet and army was drubbed decisively during the action. Word was rushed to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia by a single messenger on horseback. The battle brought a boost to American morale that cannot be overstated; as news spread throughout the country, there was rejoicing everywhere." With July 4 scant days away, you can sense the significance of the timing of this event.

For generations, the gallant defense of Sullivan's Island has been commemorated annually in South Carolina with festivities that recalled our nation's struggle for liberty and the blessing of freedom resulting from it. To Carolinians, the June 28 is an Independence Day!