Carl Trueman: An Appreciation

Ligonier -Trueman.jpg

With Carl's sad anouncement that he is retiring (honourably?) from the Reformation21 blog, the responses have been flooding in, from home-school moms to top men from TGC.

I give you a mere sampling.

From an anonymous reader:

Some lady is an avid reader of the blog; but, alas, she is not so fond of him.


Not sure what this means, but it was sent my way:


And, last but not least, how Carl's enemies interpreted his final post:


In all seriousness, I'd personally like to thank Carl for his posts over the years. He has said what a lot of people think, but do not have the eloquence and courage to say. We will miss him.  

Pastor Mark Jones feels bad for having such an expensive dinner with Carl years ago in Vancouver, especially since Carl picked up the tab. I picked up his $3 omelette in Glenside last year, though.