Bob Webber: A Short Appreciation

I am saddened to learn today of the passing of Robert Webber, who was kind to me in my growing up years and happened to be one of the best professors I had at Wheaton College.  It is good to think of him worshiping now in a higher, nobler key. 

The incidental memories come back first, like eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches in the Webber kitchen, or getting hit with a fastball by Dr. Webber's son John in a Little League game (no hard feelings -- that's baseball). 

I took Dr. Webber's "Theology of Culture" class when I was a freshman at Wheaton.  Strangely enough, back in the day my mother had him for a theology class too, when she was a freshman at Covenant College.  He was absolutely one of the best classroom lecturers I have ever heard. 

I owe Dr. Webber a particular debt of gratitude for giving me an excellent basic foundation in the Reformed view of Christianity and culture.  Although he fairly presented other Christian options in class, his presentation of the Calvinist worldview had his evident sympathies and made a lasting impression.