Baptibits (and more) at Logos

A few weeks ago I drew attention to some community pricing offers at Logos that might be of interest to Baptists. Of those, the Baptist Covenant Theology Collection has now crept over the edge and is now available (as a pre-order until Friday) at around $20, dropping lower if there are more orders. As they say, what are you waiting for?

However, in addition to this, there is plenty more that could be available with a little more interest:

  • The Works of Abraham Booth: this looks more like it is gathering dust than interest. "My brothers, these things ought not to be so!" When I remind you that - for what might at the moment be only $15 - you would get not only the magnificent Reign of Grace but also his Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners and his Apology for the Baptists - no snickering at the back! - then you really have no cause to be sitting on your hands.
  • The Works of John Gill: whatever you say about John Gill, he cannot be ignored in the history of Baptist theological thought and development. This puppy has been languishing for too long in the 'gathering interest' section and could do with a little momentum being added to it. Besides, who would sniff at 19 volumes for about $40?
  • The Works of John Brown of Haddington: not a Baptist, I know, but what a doozy of a collection - 14 volumes currently running at about $30. His self-interpreting Bible would be worth this alone, but add in his material on the Shorter Catechism, his work on the Psalms, and other gems, and you're on to a real winner.
  • Might I also add The Works of Patrick Fairbairn? Some penetrating stuff on typology and prophecy, a magnificent pastoral theology, and a few other bits and pieces, make this a cracking collection.

So, if you are interested, head over to Logos and start dipping.