An Irony Wrapped in an Enigma inside an Oddity

Sydney's Daily Telegraph reports (September 18) that a husband and wife who didn't realize they were chatting each other up on the internet are now seeking a divorce. 

Sana Klaric (aka "Sweetie") and her husband Adnan ("Prince of Joy") spent hours in an online chatroom telling each other about their marital woes.  Soon they both felt like they were falling in love all over again.

The (horrible? wonderful?) truth came out when they both turned up for the same date.  But here is where things get really strange: instead of reaching out to another in love and repentance, they are both accusing one another of unfaithfulness and suing for divorce.

This is wrong at so many levels that it is hard to tell which is the saddest: Is it the inability to talk through difficulties with one's own spouse?  The desperate search for happiness in a relationship outside of marriage?  The refusal to fall back in love with the same person that one is supposed to love for life?  The hypocrisy of accusing someone else for the same sin as one's own?

This couple has wasted a rare gift: For a brief time they listened sympathetically to one another's real frustrations.  If only they had the gospel grace to repent and forgive. . .


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