A Solution I Had Not Considered

Thabiti Anyabwile
Perhaps, Carl, this will work as a solution to all this celebrity pastor business.  Here's a comment from a reader at the blog:

All this talk about British versus American. Take the perfect compromise - become Canadian. No celebrities here. When Canadians become famous it is because they have gone off to the US. Or they went there first and then made a name for themselves. This is true of theologians too of course with the one exception of that Brit who became Canadian - my hero - Dr. Packer. Don't you think becoming Canadian would solve all this nonsense about celebrity? No one cares who we are or what we write as long as we are writing and speaking on this side of the border. Give us Carson and Haykin back. In five years no one will remember them. You can keep Blackaby. And please keep Bentley. So - got a problem with your cult of personality? Give your all stars a lengthy sabbatical up here - starting in February, without a computer. That'll cool his jets.

Though I like the mild-mannered Canadians, hey, I couldn't deal with the months of snow!  Give me heroes over snow shovels any day.