A hymn for when life is not terrific

Paul Levy
At the risk of treading on Jeremy's turf may I recommend the following hymn written by my good friend and colleague Peter Dickson of Trinity Church Aberdeen. It can be sung to Coe Fen (which is a bit tricky at first but grows on you - a bit of gravitas!)

When we are doing everything

which life and time demand,

eternal truths may soon depart

replaced with sinking sand.

Dangerous times so test us, Lord,

when Christ we cannot see.

Steady our nerve, O living Word

and teach us just to be!

When we are fighting smiling foes

who twist your word and ways,

help us repent when our sin grows,

o'erwhelmed by stormy days:

hardening our hearts with deadly force,

and lurking power of hell.

Bow our weak minds before the cross

to break, then make us well!

When we are broken send true friends

who love us for your sake:

patiently waiting, selfless prayers,

the warmth of real embrace.

Brothers' and sisters' words and deeds;

your gifts so kindly sent.

Calm our deep turmoil, bring us peace

which is your pure intent!

When we are shining like the sun

in bodies made to last,

glory to hold, your face to see,

all strife and suffering passed.

Then your full purpose will unfold,

all haunting questions gone;

Christ will be ours as we were told.

Come soon, eternal dawn!

A. Peter Dickson - September 2012