A disclaimer -- and a cool tip for saving money

Rodney Trotter
First, the Reformation 21 Department for Creative Ridiculing of the Faithful wants to scotch rumours that this person is the product of its members' fevered imaginations.  Yes, it is true: he embodies all of the things Trueman most admires: the soul patch (or `imperial' as Michael Haykin likes to call them -- hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, Michael); the $300 hair-do; the clothes from American Eagle; the Britney-is-tops earpiece; the uncanny exegetical insights; and that certain je-ne-sais-quoi (a hint of zinfandel on the rocks, perhaps?); but, like Paul Levy, he is most definitely real.  And you all thought we at ref21 were tilting at windmills.

Second, those of you thinking of wasting money taking your kids to see the Lion King -- no need.  Ref 21 friend, Jonathan Brack, tells me that, according to the theatrical press, the General Assembly of the PCUSA is much better value for money.  Of course, it is easy to be cynical about these things, so I challenge anyone not to be deeply moved at the moment when (at 2mins 29 seconds) the fraternal delegate from the First Presbyterian Church of Watership Down enters, healing a schismatic division that dates back to when Mr. McGregor chased Peter Rabbit out of his garden and used the unfortunate lad's clothes to dress his scarecrow.

Rom. 1:22-23 anyone?  As a Ref21 columnist once wrote, whatever the sophistication of liberalism in the classroom, when it reaches the pew, in comparison to the traditionally orthodox, whether Protestant, Catholic or Eastern, it tends to be embarrassing, inane, incoherent, and of a quality to make a five year old cringe at its silliness.  It's rubbish; so let's just call it what it is, shall we?