In February 2018, a smaller group of large church leaders met on Fripp Island, SC, to discuss the possibility of a larger gathering later in the year. After a full day of discussion and prayer, it was agreed to proceed to plan the larger meeting. But would they come? The answer is “yes.”
The purpose of the Shepherding the Large Church Conference is to provide a forum for leaders of large churches (800+ members) to share best practices and strategies to shepherd all of the members of their churches.
When you come right down to it, the heart of shepherding and success in shepherding for that matter, boils down to the importance of relationships.
Most of us who have been in church leadership for some time understand the frustration of failed efforts in church discipline. Here's how it goes. We learn that a member has left his wife. We reach out to him to see what the circumstances are.
Lots of ink has been spilled trying to outline the elements of an effective sermon. This is a very important matter to the shepherd who is called to feed the flock.
Who cares about church membership? If you are a shepherd, you do, of course! I know that it is in vogue these days of “no commitment” to say that membership doesn’t matter. While I could multiply this blog into several points I’m going to boil it down to two perspectives; the leader’s perspective...
The end of the year is a good time to reflect on God’s faithfulness. It has been a wonderful year for The Shepherd Leader ministry. Here are the developments for which I am most thankful.
Occasionally in this blog I am going to address things that bug me. Here is the first one: church planters are shepherds, too! It is the first in this category that I write about not because it is the thing that bugs me most but because it came to mind first.
I recently had the opportunity consult with elders who are striving to develop a shepherding ministry though they are in the search for a new senior minister. Some might think that they should wait until the new pastor arrives. Don’t wait! This is exactly the right time to begin a shepherding...
The purpose of this blog is to provide an opportunity for me to post material that will be helpful to pastors, elders, and other church leaders (and members) about the subject of pastoral ministry generally and shepherding the flock specifically.