Great Commission Publications Sunday School Curriculum

Weezie Polk

Great Commission Publications continues to expand and improve its materials for use in Sunday School. This fall they unveiled a new format for their children's Sunday School material-a more closely graded elementary series. That means that instead of grouping grades one through three and then grades three through six together in two departments as in the past, they have grouped grades one and two, three and four, and five and six in three departments so that the levels of the lessons more closely match the abilities of the students.

Included in each quarter's material is a master plan for that unit. The master plan will list the Bible truth, the lesson aim, and a specific memory verse. At the end of the quarter or unit, there is a review of all scripture memory. Seeing a master plan is extremely helpful to not only those who are teaching but also for the parents of the students. The progression of the lessons built on biblical truths makes for a strong and solid curriculum.

Included in each quarter's curriculum are a Teaching Aids Pack and an At Home Paper. All the visuals included in these are brightly colored and well coordinated with the lesson. Designed with the child in mind, the activities seem age appropriate. A Letter to the Parent is included on the "At Home Page." It informs the parent of the focus of the quarter, and it also asks for prayers and further study at home between parent and child, encouraging family worship.

The teacher's booklet contains a page called "The Lesson at a Glance." This is a very helpful tool indicating specific teaching aids needed for each lesson. Corresponding catechism questions are included in each lesson, as well.

The curriculum appears to be on the appropriate grade level for the children indicated, with many opportunities for group interaction. And most importantly, it is well written and theologically sound, ably articulating the Reformed faith to children at each age.

Review by Weezie Polk