Articles by Joel Beeke

The Tenth Anniversary of 9-11: The Lord Questions Us

Article by   September 2011
Our nation has experienced the Lord's hand of discipline. Ten years ago wicked men flew three large jet aircraft full of fuel into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia. A fourth plane aimed at a similar diabolical purpose but fell short, thanks to the sacrificial courage of its passengers and crew. Thousands of people died in these conflagrations. continue

Consider Christ in Affliction: An Open Letter to True Believers

Article by   June 2009
Yet you also know that all affliction is sent by a wise, fatherly God. Perhaps you even know--as the whole book of Job and the Puritans never tire of teaching us--that the important thing is not the amount of affliction we receive, but how we respond to that affliction. continue

How to Read Thomas Goodwin (1600-1679)

Article by   February 2009
If I could have $5 for every time someone has asked me the question, "Who is your favourite Puritan to read?," I suppose I'd be a wealthy man by now. continue
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