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Summer Reading

Article by   June 2009
A while back, someone started us off with a list of their summer reading.  Seeing that I didn't finish last summer's reading, I'm being a little less ambitious this year.  But here are a few things I'm enjoying or hope... continue

Shut the Sinner Up to Faith

Article by   March 2009
From a dear brother, William MacKenzie, on page 392 of the book Rich Gleanings from Rabbi Duncan (not our own Rabbi Duncan, the other one): It would not do to tell a man that he may come to Christ, but... continue

The PC(USA) Inches Closer to Ordination of Homosexuals

Article by   March 2009
From the Charlotte Observer: In a close vote that reflected deep division, Presbyterian church leaders representing the Charlotte area signaled their support Saturday for ending their denomination's longstanding ban on gays and lesbians becoming pastors and elders. In past years,... continue

Resources on Exposition

Article by   December 2008
Colin Adam has assembled a massive list of online resources (written and video) on exposition.  Great stuff to work through here.... continue

Good Summer Listening

Article by   August 2008
The folks at SovGrace have just announced the C.J. Mahaney sermon archive. You can listen to audio or watch video in their entirety or excerpts. Should be excellent stuff! Also, folks might want to check out the Carl F.... continue

Powlison on Suffering with the Psalmist

Article by   August 2008
Last week, the Lord granted me the privilege to attend the Worship God '08 conference hosted by Sovereign Grace Ministries and Bob Kauflin.  The conference was wonderfully cross-centered, full of joy, and instructive.  I appreciate those brothers making the time... continue

Is It Summer?

Article by   June 2008
The problem with living in the Caribbean is you don't really have seasons.  Who knew it was summer and you could read differently?  While all the tourist come down, snorkel, and bathe in the sun with a wonderful novel, us... continue

Morgan, Ryken, and the Crucified Christian

Article by   June 2008
Until a few days ago, my vocabulary didn't include the word "apotheosis."  I'm afraid saying "apotheosis" where I grew up would get you beaten down for the rest of the school year. Though I can't say apotheosis, I do know... continue

A Baptist Praises the Lord for the PCA

Article by   May 2008
Recently, I read a lamentable statement from the leader of African-American pastors inside the PCUSA.  It was lamentable because it made the gospel and the spiritual mission of the church secondary to social and political concerns. This morning I came... continue
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