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That Makes Trueman (No First Name Needed) the Most Powerful Celebrity Pastor in the Western World

Article by   June 2012
With one deft press of the "post" button, our brother has brought a heavyweight Evangelical publisher to their knees with an apology and a retraction of a new book on the Reformation.  Not many bloggers I know have that kind... continue

A Warning for Pastors against Gazing after Popularity

Article by   February 2012
A dear brother named Noah sent this to me.  It's a worthy warning indeed.  Thales, the philosopher, walking in the field at noon, was gazing into the heavens to see the stars, and stumbled into the ditch. So many are... continue

Does Your Church Have This Reputation

Article by   November 2011
A little while back, one of the Ref21 bloggers began a series I'd hoped they would continue.  It was a periodic quote from someone in Presbyterian history, modeled I think on Pyromaniac's daily dose of Spurgeon.  I'm no scholar of... continue

Lig, It's a Slander, I Tell You!

Article by   August 2011
Brother, I couldn't help but chuckle and mount a quiet defense on behalf of all my Jackson, MS Presbyterian friends when I read in Kathryn Stockett's The Help:"Hilly hands out lies like the Presbyterians hand out guilt...."  What?  Whoa!  In... continue

Dem's Fighting Words!

Article by   May 2011
Despite the very brief cameo in the T4G video, Piper not only played but actually carried our team on his offensive shoulders.  In the end, we took a beating, but our scrappy little guard gave a valiant effort with an... continue

A Solution I Had Not Considered

Article by   April 2011
Perhaps, Carl, this will work as a solution to all this celebrity pastor business.  Here's a comment from a reader at the blog:All this talk about British versus American. Take the perfect compromise - become Canadian. No celebrities here. When... continue

Uncle... Uncle!

Article by   April 2011
I knew I should have left Carl alone!  I knew I was making a mistake.  Thirty-two seconds after my original post he responded with a 55-point rebuttal.  The man has more counter-points at the ready than Amilda Marcos had shoes...... continue

Really Trueman? Only in America?

Article by   April 2011
Who in their right minds would do a little "push back" with Carl Trueman???Okay, there's my disclaimer.  Right up front: I'm not in my right mind.  This is crazy.  Really.  It's stupid.  He'd hate my saying it, but Carl Trueman... continue

Rummaging Through Notes

Article by   July 2009
Phil, Your comments about Pennington sent me through piles of articles and things left on the cutting floor for The Decline.  One other person not included in the book but worthy of some ink is Wiliam Douglass.  Douglass served for... continue

More Pennington

Article by   July 2009
Hi Phil, Thanks for the warm comments re: The Decline and the suggestion of including James Pennington in future revisions.  Pennington is a hero, and like you I appreciate his ministry.  I continue to think that in so much of... continue
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