Blog Posts by Terry L. Johnson

J. Alec Motyer: A Personal Remembrance

Article by   August 2016
I left for England from Los Angeles in September 1977 because of one man and one book: J. I. Packer and Knowing God. Looking back, it was quite naïve of me to undertake such a journey knowing so little... continue

A Troubling Turn: PCA General Assembly 2016

Article by   June 2016
By and large I have stayed out of the politics of the General Assembly (GA) for the past 34 years. Because I pastor at an independent Presbyterian church, I have not been motivated to educate myself--in a significant way--about... continue

Hughes Oliphant Old: A Personal Remembrance

Article by   May 2016
Tomorrow the remains of Hughes Oliphant Old (April 13, 1933 - May 24, 2016) will be interred at the Christian Street Cemetery in White River Junction, Vermont. A prince in Israel has died, leaving behind mourners who will miss both his genteel... continue
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