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Hymn of the Century

Article by   April 2008
This past weekend we had Keith and Kristyn Getty at the college for a concert.  I know it's quite early in the century, but I will put what's left of my reputation as a church historian on the line... continue

Goin' Country

Article by   April 2008
In his interview with Derek Thomas, Sean Lucas confessed to being a fan of country music. Since he's given the genre his imprimatur, I'll 'fess up, too. I, however, came to country music rather recently, when I met Tom... continue

Here Am I

Article by   April 2008
With apologies to Isaiah and Dick Cheney, I have emerged from my undisclosed location to offer my first post. Unlike my companions on this website, I am an utter novice at this. I read Wendell Berry, live next to... continue
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