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Dear John, Happy Birthday

Article by   July 2009
I couldn't let the day pass without wishing John Calvin a very happy 500th.  He reminds us that theologians serve at the pleasure of God, in gratitude for him and for his glory.  He reminds us that theologians serve the... continue

Summer Reading

Article by   June 2009
Two months left, still plenty of time to get some reading in.  I wanted to be compliant, though late, with Derek's request to report on our summer reading list.  And, now that Rodney Trotter's on my trail, I need allies. ... continue

Cynicism at the Las Vegas Airport

Article by   June 2009
For the record, I have never been to Las Vegas, nor intend to go--unless, the PCA ever plans to hold GA there.  Then, I will become a ruling elder at my church, and, then, I will go. As for now,... continue

The King of Pop Is Dead, Long Live The Apostle

Article by   June 2009
I always knew it, Carl harbors deep conspiratorial suspicions regarding the media.  So fundamentalist.  It took the death of Jackson to bring them to the surface.  Alas, my reflections on the death of Jackson took a different turn.  I was... continue

Thabiti on Lemuel Haynes--just in time for summer reading

Article by   June 2009
Derek has commanded us all to offer up our summer reading list.  I'm still sorting through which novels to include.  In the meantime, I want to mention a new book from our friend Thabiti Anyabwile (who, like me, is one... continue

I Know What Derek Is Doing Tomorrow

Article by   April 2009
Derek has to be going to get his well-thumbed-through copy of The Shack signed.  Yes, William P. Young himself will be at Lemuria Bookstore, a great independent bookstore in Jackson, Miss, tomorrow April 16 at 11:00 am.  So, Derek, are... continue

Not a Bad Book Day

Article by   April 2009
Today was a good book day.  I received three books, all on the subject of marriage.  First, was Michael Haykin's The Christian Lover:  The Sweetness of Love and Marriage in the Letters of Believers.  I tried to get a copy... continue

The Day after Easter

Article by   April 2009
Easter is over.  The new clothes are hung up, the candy has been eaten, and choir directors and pastors everywhere--not to mention ushers--are enjoying the quiet routines of a Monday.  For the diehard Reformed, you know who you are, this... continue

Edwards in Scotland

Article by   March 2009
At the end of the month, March 30 and 31 to be exact, the University of Glasgow will be hosting a conference on Edwards in Scotland.  I can't believe I missed this.  Anyway, here's the schedule: 9.30-10.00  Registration (Atrium, Wolfson... continue

For the New Calvinist in You

Article by   March 2009
My artist friend, Ned Bustard, at Square Halo Books and World's End Images has come up with a great way to celebrate the New Calvinist milestone of recognition in Time.  He's set up four designs that can don t-shirts, mugs,... continue
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