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John Milton Christmas Poem

Article by   December 2009
One of Milton's earliest poems, from when he was around 21 and at Cambridge, is entitled "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity."  I think Carl was at Cambridge when he was 21.  Not sure, though, if he was writing poetry.  Anyway,... continue

Christmas on Video

Article by   December 2009
By now I'm sure you have all seen Tim Keller, both from the back and peering above the fold, on USA Today's Cover for Thursday, December 17, for the story on multiple site churches.  The article singles out Keller for... continue

Okay, one more book and this time in rhyme

Article by   December 2009
I'm a little slow on the uptake, as this book came out over 18 months ago.  But I just got around to reading it and thought, if you somehow missed it too, you could add it to your list.  And... continue

Richard Doster, Crossing the Lines, OR, One more book for Christmas

Article by   December 2009
Here's one more book for Christmas . . . Richard Doster, Crossing the Lines, A Novel, published by David C. Cook First, for those who would not countenance contemporary fiction . . . Look at the cover.  [You'll have to... continue

Books for Christmas

Article by   December 2009
Why stress the Christmas shopping?  Here are some suggestions to help . . . For the kids:  - The new Pilgrim's Progress, edited by C. J. Lovik and illustrated by Mike Wimmer.  This new Crossway Book is excellent in every... continue

Thanksgiving reading

Article by   November 2009
Okay, it's not as long as the summer, but it is a few days and don't you think books ought to trump parades and college football?  Put another way, nothing goes better with turkey than some good reads.   Let... continue


Article by   October 2009
No, it's not about the WWE, though, I did stop by the corporate headquarters once last fall as I was driving along I95 on my way to a theology conference at Providence, RI--on the way back, I stopped by New... continue

Of Dogs and Churches

Article by   September 2009
Derek's post really got me thinking . . . about dogs. Just kidding.  He got me thinking about loving the church.  My memories are the same as Derek's but have a different starting point.  They go way back past when I was 17. ... continue

Check out Glimpses

Article by   September 2009
Many of you may already know of this, but in case you don't . . . The folks at Christianity Today put out a wonderful bulletin insert called Glimpses of Christian History.  It's a four-page, full color piece they put... continue

Apostle's Creed, A Great Thing To Say

Article by   July 2009
I seem to recall recently reading something from the good Dr. Trueman on the subversive nature of reciting the Apostle's Creed.  Then today I came across this as I was reading the good Dr. Packer: "Each worshiper . . .... continue
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