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It's Awesome, Part I

Article by   May 2010
I played a little soccer back in high school.  Before that I was in competitive swimming.  But during college and seminary years I lost just about all contact with sports.  Last time I followed football the Rams were in Los... continue

Johnny Cash on Commentaries

Article by   May 2010
Maybe you know or don't know that Cash wrote a biography of Paul, called The Man in White.  I came across a great line in the introduction as Cash recalls the research he put into the book, especially his reading of commentaries.  He quips:... continue

Yes, the Puritans Were Right: Or, Thank You, Mark Deckard

Article by   April 2010
If you haven't picked up the new book by Mark Deckard, Helpful Truth in Past Places:  The Puritan Practice of Biblical Counseling (Christian Focus), then you need to.  Mark's a dear friend and I value his wisdom as a counselor... continue

Dispatch from Wheaton

Article by   April 2010
I just returned from the Wheaton Theology Conference, all focused on a dialog with N. T. Wright.  Out of the gate, Richard Hayes surprised everyone by letting a few salvos go in Wright's direction.  Around the book tables and the... continue

New Edwards book

Article by   March 2010
Yale University Press has just released Jonathan Edwards's "Sinners in Hands of an Angry God":  A Casebook, edited by Wilson Kimnach, Caleb Maskell, and Ken Minkema.  The book has a great introduction, the text of the sermon, and selections from a... continue

Congratulations to Phil

Article by   February 2010
This is certainly good news for Wheaton and good news for Phil.  Perhaps the only folks for whom this isn't good news is the congregation at Tenth in Philadelphia, as well as for those of us in the greater Philadelphia... continue

Justin Taylor Is Cool

Article by   February 2010
So here I am thumbing through my latest copy of Paste catching up on the latest Indie and post funk metal ska offerings and there it is:  "Justin Taylor's first short story collection" . . . "artfully captur[ing] the view of the... continue


Article by   January 2010
It depends on your context.  If you're thinking great TV series of the 70s, you're thinking Who [indeed] shot J.R.?  If you're thinking football, you're thinking of that team that somehow got the upper hand on the [beloved] Eagles (twice!)... continue

New Edwards Set--Just in time for Valentine's Day

Article by   January 2010
I just saw the notice of a handy new set of Edwards' writings.  Its edited by Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney and published by Moody.  It looks like there will be five convenient paperbacks and a hefty hardback.  And they... continue

Goodbye Calvin, Hello . . . the Dutch?

Article by   January 2010
So now what do we do without a Calvin birthday conference?  I did think of one anniversary we could celebrate.  This is, after all the 400th birthday of the Remonstrance.  Think about it.  Without those five points of the Remonstrance, we... continue
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