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Reformation Day - Start Planning Now

Article by   September 2011
It's fall, which means it's time to get ready for Reformation Day.  If you'd like some activities for the weekend events, check out some of the resources my artist friend Ned Bustard put together at  There you will find... continue

Dr. Getty, that is

Article by   May 2011
In about an hour and some, it will be official. He will now be Dr. Keith Getty as he is receiving an honorary doctorate from my humble institution, Lancaster Bible College, at our commencement today at 2:00. This is one... continue

Gifts for Grads: Make College Count

Article by   February 2011
Yes, you're thinking about Valentine's Day.  But, before you know it, the snow will melt, the temperatures will climb above freezing, spring will be here, and pomp and circumstance will fill the air.  What will you get for grads?  I... continue

Meeting Myself

Article by   January 2011
A few years ago, I taught a course on Jonathan Edwards at London Theological Seminary.  I saw Stephen Nichols on the roster, thinking it was I.  Turns out, it was a student named Stephen Nichols.  Stephen, who grew up in... continue

The Godly Way To Eat a Hamburger, or Not

Article by   January 2011
After going months without seeing Carl Trueman, I get to see him two times this month.  Last Sunday he preached at my home church (Thanks for the sermon, Carl.) and in a bit he and I will be joining in with... continue

Leo Tolstoy and the Real Meaning of Christmas

Article by   December 2010
Maybe you have seen this before, but I just came across it.  This is Leo Tolstoy's take on Jesus, pitting the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount vs. the Jesus of the Creeds, namely the Nicene Creed, and of... continue

Church Planting, Double Honor (and then some)

Article by   December 2010
Our family visited a church plant in our presbytery yesterday.  The church had been at it for a while in rented quarters and recently acquired a church building--a former German Reformed church way back in the day, that had long since... continue

Justification Discussion at ETS

Article by   November 2010
Been following the Wright/Schreiner/Thielman exchange over justification at ETS last week in Atlanta?   Among the many good points from Tom Schreiner's criticism is the challenge to Wright's insistence on making justification an ecclesiological issue and not a soteriological one, to... continue

The View from Table Rock

Article by   November 2010
Back two weekends I had the wonderful privilege of spending some time with the good folks at Cornerstone Church in Medford, Oregon.  I was little nervous because Derek Thomas is a frequent speaker there and they really like him and... continue

It's Awesome, Part II

Article by   May 2010
The Royals thundered onto the ice, taking the Cincinnati Cyclones by storm [note action verbs and puns on opponent's name].  The first period belonged to them, scoring at 3:08 and adding two more before the buzzer.    In the... continue
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