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Beauty will rise

Article by   November 2009
This is an amazing interview with Steven Curtis Chapman about his new album, Beauty Will Rise. Written as "personal psalms" in the aftermath of the tragic death of his five-year old daughter, Maria Sue, this album (to which I'm listening... continue

Tony Merida's Faithful Preaching

Article by   October 2009
One of the great blessings of moving to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has been gaining the friendship of Tony Merida, teaching pastor at Temple Baptist Church. As we've had lunch every other week or so since I got here in late June... continue

Would these two guys have dinner together?

Article by   October 2009
Probably not. But I ran across two great posts today from two friends--one by D. G. Hart, on the secular left's confused accounting of the "Religious Right", and the other by Tim Keller, on why the nitty-gritty of pastoral leadership... continue

The greatest temptation

Article by   October 2009
From Samuel Rutherford (in The Loveliness of Christ [Banner of Truth, 2007], 4-5):I find it most true, that the greatest temptation out of hell, is to live without temptations; if my waters should stand, they would rot. Faith is the... continue

How to cope with evil speaking

Article by   October 2009
From Charles Simeon (in Hugh Evan Hopkins, Charles Simeon of Cambridge [Eerdmans, 1977], 134):The longer I live, the more I feel the importance of adhering to the rules which I have laid down for myself in relation to such matters. 1st... continue

Imagine what he'd think of email...

Article by   October 2009
From Hugh Evan Hopkins, Charles Simeon of Cambridge (Eerdmans, 1977), 123-4:Although he wrote so many letters Simeon was very well aware how much better it was, if possible, to talk rather than write, especially when a 'delicate or much-controverted point' arose. With... continue

Bruce Gordon's Calvin

Article by   August 2009
In this five-hundredth anniversary of Calvin's birth, booksellers have flooded the marketplace with all things John Calvin. Of all the books published in this anniversary year, the one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest is Bruce Gordon's Calvin. In fact, it is... continue

A Praying Life

Article by   August 2009
One of the best books that I've read recently is Paul Miller's A Praying Life. I had quoted from it a few days ago, but that does not sum up the impact the book made on me. I've read a lot of books... continue

Coming Evangelical Collapse

Article by   March 2009
This was a fasincating opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor (I was referred to it from my facebook homepage; how do you like that, Carl?). The writer essentially argues that because evangelicals have linked themselves to the culture war... continue

Classical Music

Article by   January 2009
Last week, after ten or so years of wanting one, I finally bought a Bose Wave Music System. When I got it out of the box and tested it with various CDs, I have to admit that it just felt,... continue
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