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Lessons from local church history, part one

Article by   July 2011
As I've mentioned before, I'm working on the history of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. It has been a rich honor to do this work, to tell the story of one of the leading churches of southern Presbyterianism. As... continue

Comforting doctrine

Article by   July 2011
I'm working on the 175th anniversary history of the First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, right now. Here is one little jewel that I came across. Elder C. H. Alexander, chairman of the local arrangements committee, was addressing the 1902 General... continue

Calvin on Affections

Article by   April 2011
In his introduction to the Psalter, Calvin discusses truly Reformed worship and contrasts it with the worship practices of the Roman church. In that context, he says the following:"Now this cannot be done unless we are taught to understand everything... continue

What was Jonathan Edwards really saying?

Article by   April 2011
Ref21 friend Paul Helm has just finished a fascinating series of posts on Jonathan Edwards and his thoughts on true religion. His conclusion was this: "The Religious Affections is an important book, but in my view it would be unwise... continue

The Lesson of David Swing

Article by   March 2011
While the internet has rocked with information about a prominent minister who has denied the reality of hell, being more historically minded, I couldn't help but think about David Swing.Most people don't know who David Swing was--but in the 1870s... continue

Glad ministerial pay has advanced beyond this...

Article by   December 2010
From Lyman Beecher's Autobiography, p. 67:"East Hampton was originally settled by the best sort of men, and had never been divided in religion. There was only one church in place, over which three successive pastors had been settled during a... continue

Don't Judge a Man by his Books

Article by   December 2010
This afternoon, I had a very rare experience in my ministry at First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi: an open two-hour block between sermon writing and appointments and our Wednesday night activities. And so, I set myself to something that I've... continue

Placing People

Article by   December 2010
For a while now, I've been working with a theory for understanding religious controversy. While I've mainly thought about this theory as a historical explanation, it does have its contemporary application as well. Here it is: while most religious controversies... continue

Summer Reading

Article by   June 2010
We are fixing to take some time away for vacation after the PCA General Assembly. Beyond wandering around the mountains of Western North Carolina, one of the things to which I look forward is doing some summer reading. Here's what... continue

Liking, Lusting, Loathing

Article by   June 2010
Interesting article in the June 2010 Harvard Business Review. Prof. Uzma Khan and colleagues did a study in which they awarded a gift card to an electronics store to people who completed a word puzzle. Half the recipients earned the... continue
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