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Seminaries and Spiritual Formation: Restatement

Article by   August 2012
I'm so grateful for my friend Carl's reply. It appears, perhaps, that I was a bit too subtle in the single point that I was trying to contribute, so I thought that I might take another run at it more... continue

What are Seminaries For?

Article by   August 2012
I have enjoyed the exchange between my fellow church historians (and pastors) Carl Trueman and Michael Haykin on spiritual formation and seminaries. I wanted to make one brief observation on the exchange and it centers on what seminaries are for... continue

Thinking Out Loud in Public

Article by   July 2012
When I was a little bit younger, I used to have the habit of talking to myself. Out loud. In public. I was never really loud. But I would often have a conversation with myself--sometimes it was as I was working... continue

Unsatisfied in a world of hype

Article by   April 2012
Thankfully, last night the NFL draft finally got underway. Since my team, the Indianapolis Colts, had the first pick--due to their awful season which itself was the result of Peyton Manning's injury--I and other football fans didn't have much suspense.... continue

The difference between a lecture and a sermon

Article by   January 2012
I just finished writing my Sunday sermon on 1 Samuel 18. A few weeks ago, I began working through the life of David, beginning in 1 Samuel 16 and extending to the end of 2 Samuel. As I have it... continue

Preaching during the Christmas Season

Article by   December 2011
Reading Carl's post on "Oxgoads no more" prompted me to share what I have done over the past three years here at FPC Hattiesburg during the Christmas season. I confess that I find this time of year challenging for two... continue

Shameless Plug

Article by   November 2011
For those who are going to be in San Francisco next week for the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, you will not want to miss the exciting panel with two of the Ref21 bloggers in their guise as... continue

A Reformation Day Thought

Article by   October 2011
...on where this whole story of redemption is going. From Jonathan Edwards' sermon, "Charity and Its Fruits," as quoted in God's Grand Design:Every saint there [in heaven] is a note in a concert of music which sweetly harmonizes with every... continue

Lessons from Hiking Yosemite

Article by   September 2011
[For our weekly newsletter, the past two weeks I have shared with my congregation lessons that I learned from hiking Half Dome in Yosemite at the end of August. I thought these things might be helpful to our Ref21 readers.]My... continue

A Concluding Contribution on Sanctification and the Gospel

Article by   August 2011
I had actually thought about writing a further contribution to this entire conversation on sanctification and the Gospel prior to reading Bill Evans' thoughtful surrejoinder. I decided to plunge ahead with a concluding note in part because of something that... continue
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