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Geerhardus Vos on the doctrine of God

Article by   May 2015
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to work through the first volume of Geerhardus Vos's Reformed Dogmatics, which is devoted to theology proper (i.e., God's being, attributes, and triunity; God's decrees; and God's "natural works" [naturae opera] of creation... continue

More on the Trinity and divine action

Article by   May 2015
In previous entries in what is becoming an impromptu antiphonal blog series on the Trinity, Fred Sanders and I have focused on the nature and relevance of the doctrine of inseparable operations (see here, here, and here). To this point,... continue

On not destroying fruitful trees: a brief defense of the doctrine of inseparable operations

Article by   May 2015
I recently read an essay by a leading evangelical theologian arguing that many "egalitarian" discussions of the doctrine of the Trinity threaten to compromise basic tenets of orthodox Christianity and to undermine, at least implicitly, the authority of the Bible... continue

Thoughts on Christian controversy and the God of peace

Article by   April 2015
I have been generally impressed by the way the brethren have conducted themselves over the past several days at Ref21 in debating vital issues regarding the presence of grace and merit in the covenant of works. I do not offer... continue

Gregory of Nazianzus on the crucifixion of the God-man

Article by   April 2015
Some time in the autumn of 379, Gregory of Nazianzus answered the summons issued by the Synod of Antioch to take up residence in Constantinople. His job description was clear: to promote the Nicene faith in a city given over... continue

"Saved by his life": reflections on Jesus' resurrection

Article by   March 2015
According to Carl Braaten, the gospel's claim that God raised Jesus from the dead requires us to address two questions: the question of whether it happened and the question of what happened. The former question--what we might call, "the apologetic... continue

A couple of biblical theology resources

Article by   March 2015
As promised, here is the link to Richard Gaffin's 2015 Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series at RTS Orlando.Also, Lee Irons has produced a helpful series on Meredith Kline's view of the Mosaic Covenant as a republication of the Covenant of Works.... continue

Ovey responds to Jensen

Article by   March 2015
Last week Paul Levy drew our attention to this video where Phillip Jensen worries that Calvinists "preach the system" rather than "preaching the Bible." Mike Ovey has responded, quite well I think, to Jensen's worry here. (HT: Jonty Rhodes.)... continue

Gaffin the Great

Article by   March 2015
Earlier this week, Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando was privileged to host Dr. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, for our annual Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series. The series provided... continue

Lent me your ears

Article by   February 2015
In 1528 Catholic and Protestant theologians met in the city of Berne to debate a series of topics associated with the burgeoning Reform movement in Switzerland. "The Ten Theses of Berne" focused on issues such as the nature of the... continue
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