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A word to the unwise

Article by   June 2010
It seems that my old sparring partner, CRT, has earned the ire of Scotland's Free Presbyterians who, while essentially agreeing with much of his analysis of the Lloyd-Jones/Packer split, offer these words of commentary in their April magazine on our... continue

Two news items

Article by   April 2010
First, as reported to me by Scott Clark, Dame Helen Mirren has made an appeal to Hollywood to stop portraying the British as evil villains here.  Sorry, Helen, some of us British types wear that as a badge of honour;... continue

Bavinck Conference

Article by   March 2010
An Edinburgh taxi driver, James Kerr, of Simple Minds Cabs, Morningside, has asked Ref21 to bring readers' attention to the upcoming Herman Bavinck conference at New College.  Details can be found here.   It is disappointing to see that there... continue

Sign of the end times (not)

Article by   March 2010
Rumor has it that there was a minor panic across the Bible belt this morning when a number of pastors focused on this story as a sign that Matthew 24:15 was about to be fulfilled, advising their congregations to flee... continue

When male grooming was irrelevant

Article by   March 2010
I will ignore that upstart Smith's semigerontophobic rant, which merely reinforces the hegemonic dominance of youth, and his stating of the obvious (Of course, I want to define the universe!  There's nobody else I would trust to do it, nobody... continue


Article by   March 2010
To contextualise Jeremy's comments for miserable middle aged men like Trueman for whom New Kids on the Block and the Spice Girls are completely unknown quantities, `It's a bit like when Pink Floyd got back together in 2005. Tense but... continue

Well fancy that!

Article by   February 2010
The Knights of St Columbus, a Catholic organisation, have just released the results of a survey of young Americans.  The good news is that 85% of young Catholics believe in God, which, in terms of the proportion of reality to... continue

A Taxi Driver Speaks......

Article by   February 2010
Given all the blog furore of the last 24 hours, we at Ref21, in the interest of hearing what the ordinary man in the street thinks of Wheaton's appointment of our friend, Phil, to the top job, have sent me,... continue

Feel His Pain

Article by   June 2009
Trueman is too hurt by Justin's link to criticism of Rachel Maddow to respond himself, and so asks simply that we feel his hurt as he processes the pain.  And as to Steve Nichols and his criticism of CRT's cynicism... continue

Iguanamen Infiltrate the OPC

Article by   June 2009
It seems Trueman spoke truth when he alluded to an invasion of the Iguanamen in his recent `Thank God for Bandit Country.'  Here is proof positive that his own denomination has been infiltrated by creatures from the planet Iguanadon who... continue
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