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Trueman sectioned

Article by   December 2006
On the advice of his close friend Nicky `Call me Nicholas' Mauss, Dutch pastor of a large church in Montana, Carl Trueman has indeed turned himself in for counselling.  He is currently at a secret location under care of the Rev... continue


Article by   September 2006
Rumour has it that Walmart, the well-known respecter of workers' rights, famous around the world for their generous terms and conditions of employment, has applied to join something called the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.... continue

It's a funny old world

Article by   August 2006
A friend brought to my attention an article in the NY Times about Greg Boyd, the articulate open theist and pastor who has alienated (according to the article) around 1000 members, some 20%, of his church.  You can read the article... continue
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