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Dr and Mrs Delboy, Sex, the Song of Songs, and Today's ESV

Article by   December 2007
Just ploughing through Dr and Mrs Delboy's new book on the Song of Songs (see post froma few days ago).  It's accessible, clearly written and biblically faithful.  Nevertheless, it does highlight one problem with moving from the biblical world to... continue

A kid's worst nightmare

Article by   December 2007
What is the typical kid's worst nightmare?  That mum and dad will write a book on -- well, you know what.   So I wonder what trauma has been visited on the Thomas brood by what looks set to be a... continue

After so many years, Wales finally gets culture!

Article by   November 2007 article left me all shook up, especially given the rumours that Rev Steve Caprice is the stage name of none other than Wales' finest, Derek Thomas.  Is this so?  Come on Derek, I think we should be told!... continue

`Ere we go again

Article by   November 2007
Yes, the Ref21 offices have received news of a book being written on R J Rushdoony, that outstanding historian and scholar, and the aspiring author has requested the editor to call on our beloved friend and occasional blogger, Carl Trueman,... continue

Image Makeover for Del?

Article by   October 2007
Some have been emailing asking where I've been.  Well, yesterday I was in Jackson, MS and guess what?  I saw Del emerging from a hairdresser's salon, sans his trademark soul patch and ponytail.  Can it be that Reformed theology's answer... continue

Three books on the Psalms

Article by   September 2007
And while Phil's reading up on imputation, here are three new ones on the psalms:J A Motyer, Treasures of the King: Psalms from the Life of David (IVP - UK).  Good devotional book.  Has Motyer ever written anything that isn't worth... continue

Answering Rick's question and an article on Arius

Article by   September 2007
As CRT isn't around to answer Rick's question, having been rushed to hospital having succumbed to a state of traumatic blindness after seeing a student wearing a `Michael Bolton' tee shirt on the WTS campus (no, Del, don't even ask!), I'll... continue

Separated at birth?

Article by   September 2007
Given the reputation of Lig Duncan as the evil genius of the PCA, I have been struck recently by his resemblance to an earlier supernatural villain.  I wonder if, perchance, they are related.  I think Ref21 readers should be told:... continue

Illicit photo

Article by   September 2007
I notice that a picture of CRT which has not been authorised by WTS Publications Dept has sneaked out onto the web.  No wonder he was so happy to be mistaken for Prof Beckwith., as far as Thielicke goes, a... continue

New book from Bauckham

Article by   July 2007
WARNING!  The following blog is written by a fictional character.  While Ref21 does not discriminate against bloggers on the basis of race, gender, or status of extra-textual referentiality, it does acknowledge that some readers find fictional characters offenisve.  Such should... continue
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