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Shiver me timbers! It's a Resurrectional Trotter Moment

Article by   November 2011
Well, death is the final frontier but the resurrectional power of attractional-missional Christianity should not be underestimated.   Some things just demand a return from the Other Side.  So here I am, battered, beaten, with a slight touch of rigor mortis,... continue

Totally predictable!!!

Article by   October 2011
Just as I expected, the usual discernoholics, as I call them, will, I am sure, be writing to me at some point in the far-off distant future to complain about my invitation to Bishop Gantry to join me and my... continue

New Conference

Article by   October 2011
In light of the amazingly positive response that I know I am going to get to the launch of ME ME ME, I am delighted to announce a new conference, The Cuckoo's Nest, where I will be just hanging out... continue

Ministry Name Change

Article by   October 2011
Convicted by Levy's post of yesterday, the present First Lady and I are pleased to announce that we are changing the name of our organisation from Rodney Trotter Mission to the Cosmos Ministries to the Major Evangelistic Movement for the... continue

Call me old fashioned.....

Article by   July 2011
Step aside, all you who have personal websites which have sidebar columns with titles like `What Great Things Famous People Are Saying About Me!'.  Christian Smith, Professor of Sociology at Notre Dame, is starting a new trend in self-promotion: reviewing... continue

Pray for Rosemary Thomas

Article by   July 2011
After all, it takes a huge amount of time and energy to think up all those names and open all those Twitter accounts.  But, hey, love is..... not allowing your husband to look like Billy No Mates.... continue

Going Solo

Article by   July 2011
In my new role as Twittfinder General, I was shocked when Derek Thomas confessed during his ordeal by water that he has been dabbling in the Dark Arts for some months now.  But, the man pleaded in mitigation, he has... continue

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!

Article by   July 2011
Looks like Scott Oliphint, holder of the newly endowed Jackie Chan Chair of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, has sold out and gone over to Twitter; but those looking for the expected Oliphint tweet fare of the " Told @chuck_norris... continue

Levy, There's an App for That!

Article by   July 2011
What Paul needs to answer his Lord's Supper problem is the new iPastor app, available for download to smartphones and iPads.  Here's the sales pitch from the ad in this month's  Reformed Man Today:Embarrassed by meeting your pastor in town... continue

An Irrefutable Argument for the Strictest Application of the Regulative Principle

Article by   June 2011
I hesitate to post this item from friend Jason Kirklin because I know that Levy's insatiable appetite for the new and innovative will almost certainly get this kid a gig at some outreach event at the Ealing IPC.  But, Levy... continue
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