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The Alliance really wants to hear from members like you!

Article by   June 2015
You enable the Alliance to advance and foster the Reformed awakening the Church needs today. It is encouraging to read the many letters, notes, posts on social media, and to speak with you by phone. Connecting through face-to-face time... continue

Did You Miss This Year's PCRT?

Article by   June 2015
"The Alliance is a tremendous blessing to me! Through the annual PCRT conference in Grand Rapids and the related books, CDs, and videos, I am greatly encouraged in my ministry leaderships, as well as in my own personal spiritual and... continue

Have You Noticed a Shift in Christian Doctrine?

Article by   May 2015
Have you noticed it too? There has been a shift in Christian doctrine in recent years. More and more one sees Christians laying hold of the biblical truth of God's electing love and saving grace in Christ, commonly called... continue

Why Do We Struggle With Grace?

Article by   May 2015
If grace is preached in our biblically-sound churches, then why does it seem like such a hard concept to grasp? Why do we feel like we still need to work towards God's favor? Why do we sometimes feel like He... continue

Is Your Spiritual Life a Battle?

Article by   May 2015
Do you ever feel like life doesn't get any easier? The world is throwing you punches and all you can do is duck and dodge? Do you feel like just living day-to-day is like a climb uphill?
Your spiritual life should... continue

New Alliance Resources...

Article by   May 2015
Alliance members are always looking to add excellent Gospel-centric resources to their library! Here are two resources full of rich teaching from several Alliance renowned pastor-scholars.God, Adam, and You: Biblical Creation Defined and AppliedRight from the 2014 Philadelphia Conference on... continue

Help Equip Believers to Stand Against the Tide...

Article by   May 2015
Alliance members like you advance God's Word across the world through the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals publishing.Decades ago the Cambridge Declaration pointed to the decline of the evangelical church. That decline continues today and, many would argue, has only gotten... continue

Sanctification: The Long Journey Home

Article by   May 2015
Thoughtful Christians like you are standing up and demanding Biblical doctrine in its most clear fashion, straight-forward tone, with no compromise to the world. If you've ever been to the Texas Hill Country Bible Conference, you have received it in... continue

Watch Live - Holiness and Honor: A Biblical View of Sex and Marriage

Article by   April 2015
Watch Live Friday, April 24th starting at 9:00 amWant to be a part of PCRT but can't make it to Philadelphia? Well at, you can watch the conference LIVE in the comfort of your home! Don't miss out on... continue

Visit the all new!

Article by   April 2015
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has a long history. Much of its recent history has been on the Internet. The first AllianceNet was built in 1997, in 2005 and,, and just last year.Go now to visit - Not... continue
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