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Carl Trueman - Judges 19 Audio

Article by   May 2011
For those searching out the Carl Trueman message on Judges 19, the URL you seek is you to Cornerstone Presbyterian!... continue

The Folly of Setting Dates - Free MP3 Download

Article by   May 2011
May 21, 2011.According to influential radio speaker Harold Camping, Jesus will return on this date and those who don't believe will be left to perish. Scripture teaches us that no one knows the day or the hour of Christ's return.... continue

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

Article by   April 2011
Attend the PCRT in Philadelphia or Stream the Event Online Philadelphia Registration: Walk-in registration for the conference is still available. Simply register at the door the day of the conference. Join us for a weekend of excellent, biblical teaching and Christian... continue

Westminster Shorter Catechism via free MP3s

Article by   March 2011
Alliance friends and Reformation Society partner in Pittsburgh, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary has created an audio library of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Not only individual, but the entire collection is easily download and now on my iPod. See for your... continue

PCRT is in Portland OR!

Article by   February 2011
The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology is in Portland OR this week. We still have plenty of room, so register at the door! This years theme is: Children of God: Adopted into the Father's Love. "If the love of a father will not... continue

Australian Presbyterian Online at

Article by   February 2011
Did you know that The Magazine of the Presbyterian Church of Australia is co-hosted at  The February issue is titled "in the beginning" and offers articles titled:MORE THAN HISTORY: Historical facts are just the start of God's revelation.DUD RECIPE:... continue

Republocrat - can $7.50 enhance your view?

Article by   October 2010
Carl Trueman, reformation21 regular and Alliance Council member, explores the idiosyncrasies of modern American politics and stimulates a new Christian approach in his new book Republocrat. An excerpt includes the introduction by Peter Lillback of Westminster Theological Seminary and a sample... continue

Mid-Michigan Reformation Society Conference on Reformed Theology

Article by   October 2010
Dr. Joel Beeke and Dr. David Murray are speaking at this year's Mid-Michigan Conference on Reformed Theology. The theme of the conference will be Reformation Family Living in the 21st Century and will be held on October 30 beginning at... continue

Sinclair Ferguson comes to Central PA

Article by   September 2010
News from our friend, Steve Burlew at Banner of Truth Trust,What: Reformation Mini-ConferenceDate: Friday, Oct. 29Time: 6:45 p.m.Place: Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, PASpeaker: Dr. Sinclair FergusonFor attendees there is no cost, registration, or need to RSVP, and there will be no offering... continue

David Helm and Kent Hughes at Princeton on Scripture

Article by   September 2010
Early in His ministry, Jesus addressed a crowd of people who were Bible readers. And it appears they were even Bible lovers. But they missed the main point. Jesus is unsparing in His criticism, saying, "You search the Scriptures because... continue
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