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Commitment: A Solitary Ember

Article by   August 2012
A helpful illustration:   A church member who had been devoutly active for many years suddenly was absent. One cold winter evening the pastor knocked at his door. Actually, the pastor and the church member had been long-time good friends.  ... continue

Now that's good Calvinism!

Article by   August 2012
Words: Jo­si­ah Con­der, 1836.  My Lord, I did not choose You,For that could never be;My heart would still refuse You,Had You not chosen me.You took the sin that stained me,You cleansed me, made me new;Of old You have ordained me,That... continue

The Beauty and Glory of the Father

Article by   August 2012
For those who may not know, the fourth annual Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Conference will be held August 23-25 at Calvin Prince Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan. This year the theme is "The Beauty and Glory of the Father." Here are the... continue

More Lady Jane Grey

Article by   July 2012
Check out this great video on this faithful servant of Christ... continue

The Lord's Day . . .

Article by   June 2012
 A Sabbath well spent Brings a week of content And strength for the toils of the morrow; But a Sabbath profaned Whate'er may be gained Is a certain forerunner of sorrow.... continue

Musings on Matthew

Article by   June 2012
Over the last two years, I have been engaged in a series of consecutive expository sermons through Matthew's magnificent gospel. I am now up to chapter thirteen. Perhaps like you, after I pray regarding the text I am to... continue

Blessed by Bunyan

Article by   June 2012
Every once in a while you come across a great quote that grips your heart and reminds you of all that you have in Jesus. This week I came across just such a quote by John Bunyan concerning the righteousness... continue

Can Baptists be covenantal?

Article by   May 2012
The answer is yes! Baptists historically have held to covenant theology; the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith makes this fact plain (see chapter 7). More recently however, Reformed Baptist pastor Greg Nichols answers this question in the affirmative as he masterfully expounds the... continue

Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up...

Article by   May 2012
Recently I read a helpful and challenging new book by Dr. Joel Beeke and James La Belle entitled Living Zealously. I highly recommend this volume, which draws from the writings of several Puritans on the subject of zeal and is... continue

The joys of serving Christ and His Church

Article by   May 2012
This morning while I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work of ministry for this week, I "happened" to grab Richard Baxter's book entitled The Reformed Pastor and was encouraged when I read the following words,   Is... continue
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