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Great Resources for Children

Article by   February 2013
As a pastor I always seek to recommend solid, Christ-centered reading materials for the people I shepherd. Just recently I came across two superb series of children's books which I cannot commend highly enough. Not only do these volumes explain Bible... continue

From One Antichrist to Another

Article by   February 2013
My dear friend Scott Meadows offers some thought provoking comments concerning the change in the Papacy. What he has written should be well considered. continue

Good Interviews

Article by   February 2013
Scott Oakland has done a new interview with Dr. Joel Beeke on his book, A Puritan Theology.   Listen here:   And, No Compromise Radio presents, "NoCoever: Episode 2." Mike Abendroth interviews Carl Trueman, James White and Phil Johnson. Sola Scriptura, mysticism... continue

Some New Books for the New Year

Article by   January 2013
I have just begun to read through some early manuscripts of two new books coming out in the next two months from Reformation Heritage Books that I am quite excited about. The first is Encouragement for Today's Pastors: Help from... continue


Article by   November 2012
My former professor and dear friend Dr. Sam Waldron has written a new book which looks like it will be very helpful for all Christian husbands and fathers.   These are the topics which are covered:   TABLE OF CONTENTS1.... continue

A New Book on Bunyan

Article by   November 2012
My friend Brian Najapfour has written a helpful treatment on the life and spirituality of John Bunyan. Covering a historical overview of Bunyan's life, his position on prayer and his pursuit of practical piety, this book will stir you up... continue

2012 Bolton Conference videos are available.

Article by   October 2012
I am pleased to let you know that videos of all six sessions of the conference may be viewed at The conference speakers were Dr. Dale Ralph Davis and Dr. Greg Beale.... continue

Happy Reformation Day

Article by   October 2012
See here:    ... continue

Knowing The Truth Radio Program

Article by   October 2012
Here is a great interview by my friend Kevin Boling with Dr. Joel Beeke. The interview is concerning the new book, A Puritan Theology. continue

Giving the Puritans a Bad Rap

Article by   October 2012
Dr. Joel Beeke offers some helpful insights on the new rap song by Propaganda.    "A new rap song by Propaganda has caught the attention of a number of Christians in the blogosphere. It styles itself as a series of questions... continue
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