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Bill O'Reilly, Gay Marriage, and the Bible

Article by   April 2013
I happened to see a video this morning in which Bill O'Reilly was arguing with Laura Ingraham over O'Reilly's complaint that conservatives need to do more than "thump the Bible" in making our case against gay marriage.  Not only was... continue

A New Church for a Once Holy City

Article by   February 2013
I am excited to report the planting of Christ Church Presbyterian (PCA) in Charleston, South Carolina.  At the recent meeting of the Palmetto Presbytery, Dr. Jon Payne was approved to this call as church planter.  We are looking forward to... continue

Preaching Out the Pope

Article by   February 2013
It was pointed out to me by one of my elders that on Sunday evening I preached a sermon that pointed out the errors of the Roman Catholic Church on justification, after which, on Monday, the pope resigned.  Here we... continue

Why Intinction Matters

Article by   January 2013
One of the Book of Church Order amendments making the rounds of PCA presbyteries this year is a proposed change to forbid the practice of intinction.  For those not in the know, intinction is the procedure of receiving the Lord's... continue

New Years Resolutions from Jonathan Edwards

Article by   January 2013
In 1734, God used the preaching of Jonathan Edwards to launch the Great Awakening in Northampton, MA.  Edwards would go on to be one of the most influential Christians in American history.  We rightly think of this Awakening, like all... continue

Misconceptions about Justification and Sanctification

Article by   December 2012
I have benefited from reading the comments on the wide variety of blogs that have picked up the discussion between Tullian Tchividjian and me on the subject of total depravity, the Christian, and the doctrine of sanctification.  In some respects,... continue

Oh to Grace How Great a Debtor -- A Reply to Tullian Tchividjian

Article by   December 2012
I was glad to see some some constructive dialogue in the comments section of Tullian Tchividjian's reply to my critique of his article on total depravity and Christians.  Let me say at this point (even though I look forward to the day... continue

Four Reasons Why Public Critique Does Not Invoke Matthew 18

Article by   March 2012
In following the dialogue on Ref21 between Drs. Belcher and Collins, I was struck by a complaint from Collins that Belcher should have picked up the phone and discussed his concerns privately.  This demand for personal contact prior to public... continue

Seven Assertions Regarding Justification and Sanctification

Article by   August 2011
Some recent posts address the important discussion taking place together regarding the relationship of justification to sanctification (see here and here).  This topic is crucial to us getting the gospel right today while avoiding the deadly extremes of antinomianism (a lawless... continue

Praying with a Kingdom Purpose

Article by   August 2011
I am occasionally asked whether or not we should always add the words "if it is Your will" to our prayers.   This is a good question, since the apostle James' taught us to say, "If the Lord wills, we will... continue
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