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The Use and Abuse of Video Church

Article by   July 2014
"I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation" (Ps. 111:1).One of the more popular features on our church website ( is the live video webcast that allows people... continue

Why the Fourth of July Is a Presbyterian Holiday

Article by   July 2014
While Americans today are roasting hot dogs and setting off fireworks, few will be thinking deeply about the significance of the event we remember, the issuing of The Declaration of Independence by our courageous Founding Fathers.  Christians should realize, however,... continue

Relating Works to Justification

Article by   June 2014
My friend Bill Evans has responded to my earlier post concerning the "efficacy" of good works, and I am grateful for the clarity that he contributes.  In responding to Evans, I hope to clarify what I wrote and perhaps move... continue

Concerns about the "Efficacy" of Works

Article by   May 2014
I continue to hope that the recent debate/controversy over sanctification will lend clarity and light to readers.  For this to happen, we will have to labor hard for biblical depth and balance.  In my opinion, those who are opposing the... continue

Where the Sanctification Controversy Lies

Article by   May 2014
The long-simmering controversy over the doctrine of sanctification has heated up considerably lately, especially with The Gospel Coalition's removal of Tullian Tchividjian's blog from its website.  Tullian has taken to the media and yesterday in an interview made the comment... continue

Law-Gospel Off the Rails

Article by   May 2014
The last week or so has seen renewed calls for reflection and responsibility on the part of Tullian Tchividjian in responding to critiques in the debate on sanctification.  His most recent post on the Gospel Coalition website indicates that he... continue

New Calvinist Tricks for Old Calvinist Dogs

Article by   April 2014
I earlier wrote a couple of posts on the attitude that Old Calvinist types like me should take towards the New Calvinism movement.  The first post argued that Old Calvinists should be generally grateful for the New Calvinism, while the second... continue

Serving but Staying Off the New Calvinist Bandwagon

Article by   March 2014
Last week I began a four-part series of observations pertaining to the New Calvinism - Old Calvinism discussion.  My first post argued that Old Calvinists should be grateful for and generally happy about the New Calvinism (spurring a back-and-forth between... continue

Archibald Alexander Will Beg to Differ

Article by   March 2014
I am deeply honored to be the recipient of satire from Darryl Hart, who is concerned rightly to divide the New Calvinists from the Old.  According to Hart, a true Old Calvinist is one who has Lutheran sympathies and, since... continue

The New Calvinism: A Triumph of the Old

Article by   March 2014
John Piper's address for Westminster Theological Seminary's Seventh-Annual Gaffin Lecture was a notable example of an event being the very embodiment of its message.  I say this because Piper spoke on the relationship of the New Calvinism to the Old... continue
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