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Jesus and Jacob

Article by   December 2014
This is the fifth of my Christmas devotionals focused on the pre-incarnate appearances of Christ in the Old Testament.  Previous devotionals focus on Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Joshua.  Jesus and JacobWhen we think of Jesus appearing in the Old Testament,... continue

Jesus and Joshua

Article by   December 2014
Most Christian children know how "Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho... And the walls came tumbling down!"  And it's true!  Joshua did lead Israel in obeying God's commands so that when the priests blew the trumpets and the... continue

Jesus and Moses

Article by   December 2014
The New Testament says something funny about Moses that scholars don't quite understand.  Hebrews 11:32 says that Moses' parents hid him "because they saw that the child was beautiful."  Baby Moses was special, and his parents understood something of his... continue

Jesus and Abraham

Article by   December 2014
The coming of Jesus is always good news.  This is what Abraham learned when Jesus appeared to him during a sad time in Abraham's life.  Genesis 18 is a fascinating example of Jesus appearing in the Old Testament.  He is... continue

Jesus in the Old Testament: Adam

Article by   December 2014
As our families and churches prepare for the Christmas celebration, many are seeking to emphasize the biblical expectation of the promised Savior, rather than the commercial and sentimental emphasis of our society.  One way to do this is to walk... continue

Are Rewards a Valid Motivation for Sanctification?

Article by   November 2014
It seems that every generation of the church sees a struggle to rightly define Christian sanctification.  This happens in part because of the importance of the subject.  Sanctification is the present tense of salvation for those who have believed; it... continue

Homosexuals in the Church: Keep Reading in Ephesians

Article by   November 2014
The progressive wing of evangelicalism seems to be ramping up its demand that Bible-believing churches accept homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.  An example is a recent video from Nadia Bolz-Weber titled "I Am the Church."  The video parades young men... continue

Why Abraham Was Right: A Reply to Rachel Held Evans

Article by   October 2014
It is grievous to see how brazen the progressive evangelical movement has become in assailing not merely the inerrantist view of Scripture but now even Scripture itself.  The most recent installment comes from Rachel Held Evans in a post titled,... continue

The Christian Political Conundrum

Article by   October 2014
I was privileged today to have lunch with a Republican US Senator at a small gathering of evangelical pastors.  It was quite enjoyable to interact with a politician who has absolutely no fears of losing his election and therefore is... continue

A Prayer for the Afflicted Saints of Iraq

Article by   August 2014
Our Father in heaven, the sovereign and almighty God, the faithful covenant-keeper and Savior, we plead to you on behalf of our suffering fellow believers in Iraq.  Cast your eye upon them and have mercy to uphold and defend your... continue
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