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Exegesis on Torture

Article by   September 2006
While fearing that this continued discussion may start to seem, well, tortuous, I want to respond to some mail that asked for an exegetical defense of my claim that Christians should oppose torture.  Let me give a brief one, which... continue

Talking Torture with the Green Berets

Article by   September 2006
Jason,Thanks for linking to that excellent symposium.  I attached a long comment to the original blog site that presents my full argument against torture, which readers can find here.Also, I had the great privilege a month or so ago of... continue

Surrendering the High Ground on Torture

Article by   September 2006
Another op ed piece in the Wasthington Post today (I'm visiting my mother in D. C. this week) was written by Eugene Robinson.  This one was titled "Torture Is Torture."  He first gives practical reasons why America should not sanction... continue

"Enough Apologies"

Article by   September 2006
The tiff over Pope Benedict's anti-Islam remarks, and his subsequent quasi-apology, presented an interesting interplay between supposed papal infallibility and political pragmatism.  Of course, Benedict was not speaking ex cathedra during his visit to the University of Regensburg, but that distinction is... continue

Another Embarrassment

Article by   September 2006
I just saw that this week's TIME magazine cover story is on the Health and Wealth Gospel.  Of course, it makes it look like this is what evangelicalism is all about.  But we deserve it.  In my view, whenever we see... continue

Nearer My God, to Thee

Article by   September 2006
Thanks, Phil, for the happy birthday.  Yes, you got the date right.  Actually, it was my 46th birthday -- the big five O is coming fast.  (When I turned 40 it was a relief -- but I'm not so sure about... continue

Breaking Barriers Down

Article by   September 2006
I think the key to approaching Kalifungwa's concern about racial division among Christians was his qualifyer "in our churches".  There are many forces outside of our churches that shape us along racial lines.  For instance, the composition of a church... continue

A Week with Rafiki African Missionaries

Article by   July 2006
My wife and I recently spent a week at the Rafiki Foundation enrichment week, where I taught on the miracles of Christ and Dennis Johnson from Westminster Seminary in California taught on Hebrews.  (Dennis' teaching was tremendous, and it was... continue

Returning from Exile

Article by   July 2006
Rick Phillips to Ref21, requesting permission to redock...I am glad to be reentering the Ref21 cyberzone, having been in a mini self-imposed exile for awhile.  This largely consisted of my much-needed, and much-enjoyed family vacation.  Immediately on returning, however, I... continue
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