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Ref 21, Books & Culture, and the Feminist Slippery Slope

Article by   January 2007
In the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Books & Culture, respected home school guru Susan Wise Bauer laments criticism of her recent endorsement of John Stackhouse’s book Finally Feminist. Stackhouse follows the well-trod path of arguing that the Bible’s teaching on gender... continue

Update on Dr. Kennedy

Article by   December 2006
I want to thank everyone who is praying for Dr. D. James Kennedy.  His condition is improved, though very serious.  I spent a good deal of time with him today, praying and reading Scripture.  He recognized me and was clearly... continue

Prayers for D. James Kennedy

Article by   December 2006
Please pray for Dr. D. James Kennedy, his wife and daughter, and Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.  Dr. Kennedy is in grave condition following a heart attack last evening.  Jim's health has deteriorated markedly in the last several months, and he... continue

Movie Recommendation: The Nativity Story

Article by   December 2006
I took my family today to see The Nativity Story.  It is a tremendous movie.  It is not only reverent but extremely moving.  The script if faithful to the Bible, though with the usual artistic liberties (such as the three... continue

The Uncharitable Jesus

Article by   December 2006
I have been preaching through the Gospel of John for the last couple of years, and this Sunday I complete John chapter 10.  This also concludes my study of the long confrontation between Jesus and the false teachers of Israel... continue

Some Words for Unheralded, Unknown, Unpublished Pastors

Article by   December 2006
God bless you.  I believe that future history (whether in heaven or on earth) will look back on these present years and realize that the most valuable servants in Christ's kingdom were those humble, faithful, Spirit-filled men of God who... continue

Christ Gave... Pastor/Teachers

Article by   December 2006
The current phenomenon of ministers downloading or otherwise cribbing sermons is yet another symptom of a church that is spiritually out to sea.  The Bible says that the ascended Christ gave pastor/teachers to his church (Eph. 4:11), not that he... continue

McKnight on the Emerging Church Movement

Article by   November 2006
While driving to and from a presbytery meeting tonight, I listened to Scot McKnight's address on the Emerging Church Movement from Westminster Theological Seminary's Emerging Church Forum.  I highly recommend the address as a friendly introduction to the topic.  Here... continue

Just Like Ted Haggard?

Article by   November 2006
It seems to me that the blogosphere reaction to the Ted Haggard scandal is breaking two ways.  On one side are those who utterly denounce the man and see in him a glaring example of everything wrong in popular evangelicalism... continue

The Haggard "Opportunity"

Article by   November 2006
This morning in the Atlanta airport, I read a USA Today article on the Ted Haggard fiasco.  I was struck by a comment that seems to reflect much of the sentiment at his church: "This is a great moment to... continue
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