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More on Bob Jones

Article by   August 2007
Another reader has chimed in with the info that Bob Jones University is not an Arminian institution, and that in his belief there is not a single Arminian on their university and seminary faculty.  Well, that's good news.  So I... continue

The Price Is Not Right

Article by   August 2007
I had a reader marvel that there are no Reformed Christian schools in Greenville, where I live (based on my entry below).  Actually, there are.  The problem is that they are way out of our price range (especially with 5... continue

Fundamentalism, Christian Schooling, and the Antithesis

Article by   August 2007
Having moved to Greenville, SC, one of the big decisions has been where to send our children to school.  This year we have a fifth, fourth, and second grader (with two more raring to take their turn).  We really are... continue

Christian Booksellers Association Convention

Article by   July 2007
Earlier this month, I attended the annual Christian Booksellers' Association (CBA) in Atlanta to do a booksigning and interviews for my new book Jesus the Evangelist.  It was my first trip to CBA and I am extremely grateful to the... continue

Trinitarian Worship

Article by   July 2007
I think the greatest danger to Trinitarian worship in at least American evangelicalism is the oft-cited "Jesus-only" phenomenon.  Instead of worshiping God, we say that we are "worshiping Jesus."  Now, we should worship Jesus, but not only God the Son. ... continue

New Book on B. B. Warfield

Article by   July 2007
I just received my copy of B.B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought, edited by Gary Johnson.  Having read the introduction and perused the contents, I look forward to benefiting from this timely book.  Not only will this study... continue

Career Wisdom

Article by   July 2007
I'm not sure that the best way to look at career choices is to place the discussion into the obedient/disobedient framework, but rather into the wise/unwise framework.  Now, there are career choices that are simply sinful, but few Christians are wrestling... continue

My Big Fat Greek Baptism

Article by   June 2007
Last night, Sharon and I decided to veg and watch a movie after the kids went to sleep.  We pulled out the video of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  As many of you know, this is a charming, funny movie... continue

Fond Farewells

Article by   June 2007
I won't be attending the PCA GA this week because my family is getting ready to pack up and move to South Carolina.  My wife actually encouraged me to go to GA anyway, but anticipating that if I did she... continue

Beckwith, Trueman, and the Holy Spirit

Article by   May 2007
Thanks Carl for the link to Dr Michael Liccione's response to your piece on Beckwith.  I found it most illuminating.  On the key issue of tradition and authority, Liccione's main argument is that when it comes to interpreting Scripture we must... continue
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