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Meerkat Manor

Article by   October 2007
Like millions of Americans, I have become thoroughly addicted to Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor.  If you haven't seen it, you are just missing out big time.  Meerkat Manor chronicles the life and death exploits of the little meerkat species in... continue

Try It, Carl, You'll Like It

Article by   October 2007
Now, Carl, you don't have to take the Edwardian (as in Longshanks) stance towards all non-English cultural expressions.  Your point about the commercialization of football is well taken (which is why the true American game is now seen only at... continue

The Great American Octoberfest

Article by   October 2007
As a public announcement to our non-native Ref21 contributors, I point out that the great American Octoberfest begins today: the major league baseball playoffs.  There is no more American cultural phenomenon than baseball.  And there is no baseball like the... continue

The Idolatrous Worldview of Porn

Article by   October 2007
Great comments on porn, Phil and Carl.  My pastoral experience dealing with this issue has taught me that this issue is tied to a broader issue of idolatry that becomes practically an entire worldview of porn.  Time after time, men... continue

More on "The Great Exchange"

Article by   September 2007
Like Phil, I got a copy of The Great Exchange, kindly sent to me by Jerry Bridges.  I'm very glad to see it, having been told of it by Jerry during a dinner we had during last year's PCRT conference. ... continue

Checking in from Portland

Article by   September 2007
I am seriously bumming because it is overcast here in Portland, so in my first visit to this lovely city I cannot even see Mt. Hood.  But we had a great morning anyway at the first meeting of the Reformation... continue

Blue about the Big Blue?

Article by   September 2007
I see that Phil has revealed his true character by kicking us Wolverines when we are down (or should I say, by blocking the kick?).  And this after I so graciously refrained from finishing a Rick Ankiel steriods post that... continue

Still Very Troubled

Article by   September 2007
I have received a couple of emails from my post on Roger Olson's frightening words regarding "the God of Calvinism," asking if I was declaring the man to be unsaved.  I do want to go on record as saying that... continue

Frightening Words

Article by   September 2007
Justin's blog has seen a lot of comments (good ones, too) in response to Roger Olson's comments about the Calvinistic God.  Olson was recoiling against John Piper's take on God's sovereignty in light of the Minneapolis bridge collapse.  Olson made... continue

Mother Teresa's Redemption

Article by   August 2007
By now, many will have heard about the recent revelations concerning Mother Teresa of Calcutta's crisis of faith.  The book version is now out, containing her private correspondence with her spiritual mentors, titled Come Be My Light.  The caption quote... continue
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