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Losing Our Baby

Article by   January 2008
Last month, my wife and I experienced a loss that many others have endured. In the eleventh week of her pregnancy, our little baby died. It was our sixth pregnancy and first lost child. And it deeply grieved our hearts.... continue

We'll Have to Pray to Make It

Article by   December 2007
I was delighted by our church's recent decision to increase our budget by something like 23% for coming fiscal year.  Now, there is some context for this.  The 2007 budget involved a scaling back, as the church began the year... continue

Story or History?

Article by   December 2007
Thanks, Phil, for sharing Paul Tripp's description of the Bible as a story with God's annotated notes.  I think that is a good way of putting it.  But I have started to use 'story" less and have been using the... continue

Christmas Contextualization at Tenth Pres

Article by   December 2007
In an effort to keep up with urban church contextualization trends, I have learned that the pastoral staff at Tenth Presbyterian Church has really gotten into the Holiday Spirit.  It's funny how you just can't take your eyes off of... continue

Lewis and Analogy

Article by   November 2007
I have to weigh in on Phil's side regarding Narnia.  It certainly is true that C.S. Lewis had some doctrinal problems (I find this is a fairly common thing when a very accomplished person comes to faith later in life). ... continue

Music and Christian Culture

Article by   November 2007
Noll's article is an excellent topic for discussion.  I thought he hit on a number of important issues, a few of which prompt some comments from me.I particularly appreciated his comment that "singing is a deeply rooted expression of culture." ... continue

Either Rome or Geneva

Article by   November 2007
Scott Clark reports a fascinating but entirely predictable progression in the Reformed world's theological rift these days.  The axiom holds true: one is moving either in the direction of Rome or of Geneva.You also have to give Scott credit for... continue

Lunch with Mitt Romney

Article by   November 2007
Okay, it wasn't a private lunch, but there weren't all that many of us there, either.  Gov. Romney was in Greenville yesterday and I attended a Q & A forum with lunch.  I suppose winning the South Carolina primary is... continue

All Saints Day

Article by   November 2007
Today is All Saints Day, the super-bowl Sunday of sacred relics in the Roman Catholic Church.  Not many people realize that this is the reason why Reformation Day is the same as Halloween (All Hallows Eve).  Luther was specifically protesting... continue

The More I Preach...

Article by   October 2007
... the more I understand why I preach.  While there are many good and important motivations for preaching Christ which I keenly feel -- the salvation of the lost, the edification of God's people, the building-up of the Church --... continue
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