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Questions about Bible Interpretation

Article by   August 2008
I have been involved in a friendly, and hopefully fruitful, discussion over at Green Baggins regarding Bible interpretation.  I have been encouraged to post here some of my comments there.  Because I am excerpting from a conversation, I will have to... continue

Discipling Christian Children

Article by   August 2008
From my pastor's letter this week: One of the most important things we will do at Second Presbyterian Church is disciple our children to a living, personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We live in a society that assumes... continue

Darrell Green's Hall of Fame Witness

Article by   August 2008
Like CJ, I am a lifelong Washington Redskins fan (and like him, I probably saw on tv at least 75% of Art Monk's catches).  Thanks to CJ for his great comments on Art Monk's tremendous speech that so wonderfully and... continue

Why I Love an Ordination Service

Article by   July 2008
This past Lord's Day evening, our church saw the ordination of Rev. Gabriel Fluher.  Gabe is a recent graduate of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and has been a most outstanding intern at our church for the last few years.  We have... continue

Feisty Wright

Article by   July 2008
Thanks, Carl, for the link to the Wright-Neuhaus.  Despite, as you point out, the increasingly whiny stance of NTW's self-defense, you have to admit that he is pretty feisty.  My favorite, second to his insinuation that Neuhaus was projecting his... continue

The Woman with the Measuring Line

Article by   July 2008
I was alerted by Scott Clark's blog to a year-old article by Sally Morgenthaler in which she declares the worship-evangelism mega-church experiment, of which she was such a proponent, to be a failure.  After a generation of seeker-sensitive consumer-driven worship,... continue

Let's be in prayer for the EPC and New Wineskins

Article by   June 2008
The Presbyterian Layman reports that after first voting to remove "homosexual perversion" from the list of sins found in the Heidelberg Confession, the PC(USA) then approved a $2 million warchest to wage legal combat against the New Wineskins group (a... continue

Random Thoughts on Gender, Based on a Small Sample Size

Article by   June 2008
I had the privilege yesterday, along with the other elders of Second Church, of spending the afternoon and evening (before and after evening worship) hearing professions of faith from applicants for membership in our church.  As is usual for a city church,... continue

My Summer Reading

Article by   June 2008
Now that summer is actually here, I can add my summer reading list.  Part of this is based on my delusion that summer will actually slow things down!  I always plan my reading in categories, trying to do regular devotional,... continue

Did You Know that Pentecost is this Sunday?

Article by   May 2008
The Christian calendar practiced by most evangelicals today is extremely illuminating.  What it shows is our generally weak appreciation for the fullness of Christ's saving work.  Two big holidays occupy our minds completely: Christmas and Easter.  So we focus on... continue
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