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Thoughts on Christian Patriotism

Article by   June 2011
On July 4, our nation celebrates its independence with waving flags, picnics, and parades.  Some churches deck their sanctuary with red, white, and blue, and devote the worship service to the honor of the state.  Other Christians virtually ignore this... continue

Congratulations Liam Goligher and Tenth Presbyterian Church

Article by   January 2011
By now most of our readers will have heard that our own fellow-blogger here at Ref21, Laim Goligher, has received and accepted a call to the pulpit of Tenth Presbyterian Church.  As part of the extended Tenth community, I am... continue

PCRT PreConference: Venema on End Times

Article by   April 2010
In my previous post on the PCRT webcast, I neglected to mention the Friday morning pre-conference, with Cornel Venema speaking on "Texts of Christ's Triumph".  This, too, will be available for live video webcast.  I open the preconference with a... continue

PCRT Live Video This Weekend

Article by   April 2010
For the first time, we are excited to provide live, free video of the 37th annual Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology from Tenth Presbyterian Church, with the theme "These Last Days".  You can register and view at our AllianceLive! web page.... continue

Not from Galatians, Please!

Article by   April 2010
Once while worshiping at a church in Africa, I heard a woman preaching the health-and-wealth gospel.  If that wasn't bad enough, she was preaching from the book of Job.  I feel similarly about the appeal for unity-without-truth in Christianity Today's... continue

Theistic Evolution: A Hermeneutical Trojan Horse

Article by   April 2010
I have been interested to follow the web reaction to Dr. Bruce Waltke's resignation from RTS for his Biologos video insisting that evangelicals must accept evolution or be considered a "cult", especially that which lambasts those who would criticize scholars of... continue

Orthodoxy's Best Friend

Article by   March 2010
IS HERESY.  In other words, sometimes we just have to give them enough rope, speaking and publishing, to hang their credibility among the otherwise gullible faithful.  This truism is sponsored most recently by the folks at the Biologos web site.  Many... continue

Another FV Convert to Rome

Article by   March 2010
For some years, those of us alarmed about the federal vision theology have identified it as an obvious pathway to Roman Catholicism.  For this view, we are accused of witch-hunting and absurd slippery-slopism.  Yet FV advocates keep converting to Rome,... continue

A Great PCRT in Grand Rapids

Article by   March 2010
We praise the Lord for a tremendous weekend in the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, meeting at the jam-packed Byron Center First CRC in Grand Rapids.  Saturday was one of those unforgettable PCRT days that the Lord so often provides... continue

Contesting Inerrancy at Erskine

Article by   March 2010
Things have sure heated up here in South Carolina over the move by the ARP general synod to ensure doctrinal fidelity at its denominational college and seminary, Erskine.  As usually happens, the continuing conflict has only shown how necessary that... continue
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