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Serving but Staying Off the New Calvinist Bandwagon

Article by   March 2014
Last week I began a four-part series of observations pertaining to the New Calvinism - Old Calvinism discussion.  My first post argued that Old Calvinists should be grateful for and generally happy about the New Calvinism (spurring a back-and-forth between... continue

Archibald Alexander Will Beg to Differ

Article by   March 2014
I am deeply honored to be the recipient of satire from Darryl Hart, who is concerned rightly to divide the New Calvinists from the Old.  According to Hart, a true Old Calvinist is one who has Lutheran sympathies and, since... continue

The New Calvinism: A Triumph of the Old

Article by   March 2014
John Piper's address for Westminster Theological Seminary's Seventh-Annual Gaffin Lecture was a notable example of an event being the very embodiment of its message.  I say this because Piper spoke on the relationship of the New Calvinism to the Old... continue

Charles Hodge's Reflection on the Nye-Ham Evolution Debate

Article by   February 2014
On January 14, 1874, Old Princeton's Charles Hodge read a paper expressing his dire concerns regarding the perils of Darwin's evolution to the Christian faith.  Hodge (who was hardly a hard-core creationist) understood the character and function of Darwinism.  "What... continue

Lessons from the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Creation Debate

Article by   February 2014
I was one of the thousands whose internet browsers were humming on February 4 with the video feed coming from the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.  I watched with affectionate support of an earnest brother seeking to promote biblical doctrine... continue

Should We Seek Revival?

Article by   July 2013
Kevin DeYoung, Bryan Chapell, and I filmed a video discussion on the topic of revival during this year's Gospel Coalition National Conference.  It just came up on their website and I hope it is a help to those thinking about... continue

Fourth of July Reflections on a Changing America

Article by   July 2013
For Christians, the issue of patriotism is always complicated by our citizenship in two realms, one earthly and one heavenly.  The Bible teaches that we have duties to our earthly nation, including obeying laws, paying taxes, and honoring our leaders... continue

All that Grace Does!

Article by   June 2013
This coming Monday evening, June 17, we begin our pre- PCA General Assembly conference, hosted at Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville by the Gospel Reformation Network.  The conference is titled, "What Grace Does."  Too often today, salvation is preached as... continue

The Excitement of a New Church in Charleston, SC

Article by   June 2013
In 1731, Reformed believers who had been part of the Independent Church in Charleston, SC decided to establish First (Scots) Presbyterian Church on Meeting Street.  This coming Sunday, June 9, a group of Reformed believers are returning to First Scots... continue

Advice to Christians and Churches Involved in Boy Scouts

Article by   May 2013
The recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to change its moral stance towards homosexuality is a tragic failure that calls for a response from Christians who are involved in Scouting.  This would include me, since both my boys... continue
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