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The Biblical Basis for the Spirituality of the Church

Article by   February 2016
Last week I posted a piece suggesting three principles by which the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) may respond to the call to confess racist tendencies in the years leading up to its founding.  One of these principles was to... continue

Three Proposals for Racial Reconciliation Overtures in the PCA

Article by   January 2016
Perhaps the biggest issue going into this year's Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly will be the racial reconciliation overtures that are starting to come in from the presbyteries.  This process was prompted by the personal resolution submitted last... continue

Three Reasons Why Christians & Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God

Article by   December 2015
The question of religious or spiritual unity between Christians and Muslims has come up in recent days, largely in response to political debate over the danger of admitting Muslims into our country.  On one extreme was the purported statement by... continue

Three Things I Love About an Ordination Service

Article by   December 2015
During a recent evening worship service at our church, the Rev. Scott Cook was ordained to the gospel ministry.  Scott is a recent graduation of RTS (Charlotte) and had previously been an outstanding intern at our church.  I had the... continue

Four Propositions on Homosexuality and Holiness

Article by   December 2015
In response to the cultural tidal wave of gay-rights advances in America, Christians and churches are seeking categories to make sense of our situation.  As the Supreme Court has legally normalized homosexuality, more and more people feel comfortable admitting to... continue

Books For Which I Am Thankful

Article by   November 2015
This is the time of year to express thanks, and it occurs to me that of the many things for which I am grateful to God, great Christian books are high among them.  This fall marks the 25th anniversary of... continue

Christian Supernaturalism: 1896 and Today

Article by   November 2015
In September 1896, Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield opened the academic year at Princeton Theological Seminary with an address titled "Christian Supernaturalism." [1] His intent was to place his finger on the decisive issue of his generation with respect to Christianity and the... continue

The Gospel + All Things

Article by   November 2015
I recently attended a college ministry event in which a number of students gave testimonies about how their lives have been impacted.  As is so often the case, it was enormously encouraging and spoke of great saving fruit arising from... continue

Did Jesus Have a "Gospel-Centered" Ministry?

Article by   October 2015
We often read today of a "gospel-centered"TM ministry as opposed to a legalistic or otherwise sub-Christian approach to salvation.  When used in this trade-marked sense, "gospel-centered" usually means that we must exclusively present God's forgiveness for sinners through faith alone in... continue

James Is, You Know, in the Bible

Article by   September 2015
A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was discussing the necessity of works to salvation when a fellow Reformed minister accused him of legalism.  This pastor, noted for promoting a radical version of Lutheran soteriology, cut him down... continue
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