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Hold the Front Page!

Article by   July 2011
At last, somebody has had the courageous and brilliant insight that the Emerging Church conversation is just that -- an endless conversation.  You can read all about it here and even join the conversation!!  My only criticism is that the... continue

Let's Bee Liturgeecal

Article by   March 2011
The response to the Lady Gaga Mass has been overwhelming (thanks for writing in, mum!), and the dude who has been my research assistant these many years has even found the full text of the Missal online (though I am... continue

It's been a while.....

Article by   March 2011
....since I posted anything or anyone mentioned Lady Gaga on the ref21 page.  Thus, in the interest of smashing the default chauvinist consensus so offensively articulated by the Trinity of Evil, Trueman, Trotter, and Levy, I am back by popular... continue

Why oh why!!??!!

Article by   February 2010
Dear Mr Thomas,I am disappointed, to say the least, at the return of Trueman and Trotter, those tired old reactionary sexists, to the Ref21 blog.  Utter disgraces both.  So let me recommend that readers write in and demand that the... continue

There is Hope in the Church of Scotland!

Article by   April 2009
Late last week my friends at The Happening brought to my attention the recent disgraceful post by the notorious Dean of Mean at Westminster Theological (sic) Seminary in Philadelphia (secretly filmed here at a recent Academic Affairs/student town hall meeting). ... continue

Helpful Advent Webpage

Article by   December 2008
After a six month sabbatical at the Wimmin's Empowerment Conversational and Non-Competitive Poetry and Mime Commune in Maine, I am ready to take up my role once again as the Non-Hierarchical Chief Sister in the Barbra Streisand Bible Exploration Ecological... continue

Shocking Headlines Shake Reformed World!!!!!

Article by   May 2008
Against my better judgment, I bought a copy of Reformed Man Today, that patriarchal periodical of male chauvinism par excellence.  Apart from the distasteful front cover photo of the execrable Trotter brothers, Del-Boy and Rodney, holding copies of their... continue

Trueman's Hypocrisy

Article by   May 2008
Trueman's use of a Welsh poet to kick off his inaugural, so ably pointed out by Rev Del Thomas, is just another example of the pathetic hypocrisy of this poor excuse for a historical theologian.  I mean, at a... continue

Confessionalism and Male Oppression!

Article by   April 2008
In preparing for the time of Bible-empowered sharing at my usual Sunday gig at St Olaf the Sublime, I came upon this outrageous piece of androcentric oppression from one of those dead white males who's gruesome shadow lies so long... continue
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