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Reading the Decalogue

Article by   October 2008
On my visit to Wheaton College for homecoming this past week, I saw notice of Carl Trueman's participation in the upcoming conference Reading the Decalogue through the Centuries (November 6-7).  Doubtless Carl is contributing in the area of the Reformation,... continue

The Big and the Small of It

Article by   September 2008
Several readers have asked for comment on Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -- the atom smasher located near Geneva at CERN (the European Centre for Nuclear Research).  The new facility, which started operations earlier this month (although some recent electrical problems could... continue

Second Best

Article by   September 2008
Like Carl, I have a warm appreciation for Machen's Christianity and Liberalism.  On a personal and biographical note, the book had a very important influence on my father's theology and discipleship when he was in college and trying to sort... continue

The Gospel According to Theodor

Article by   September 2008
In case some of our readers may have missed it, the August sermon series at The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas, featured four messages on four books by Theodor Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss).  "Sometimes we get way... continue

Sharia Comes to Britain

Article by   September 2008
According to The Sunday Times (9/14/08), the British government has incorporated Islamic law into the British legal system by establishing five sharia courts.  The judgments of these courts are now enforceable with the full power of British law, running all... continue


Article by   September 2008
As some readers may know, the role of women in the mercy ministry of the church is a live issue in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  At Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church, where I serve as senior minister, our practice... continue

Turns of Phrase

Article by   September 2008
For my first post since June (so long I could hardly remember how to find the window for posting), I share a couple of apt turns of phrase from my friend and colleague Paul Tripp, who is just finishing a... continue

A Good Word before Vacation

Article by   June 2008
Summer vacation (as well as a teaching trip to Regent College in Vancouver) begins next week.  As I anticipate laying down many of the burdens of pastoral care, at least for a little while, here is a salutary reminder of... continue

The Renewal We Need

Article by   June 2008
Writing in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, David Wells explains what our church and our culture need: "The renewal of which we stand in need, I believe, is of both the understanding of truth and of our knowledge... continue

Nunc Dimittis

Article by   June 2008
As promised, a gem from The Beauty of God.  Here is a stanza from Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner's "Nunc Dimittis" -- part of a series of post 9/11 poems based on a funeral liturgy: We will follow the coffin back down... continue
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